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The Barber Shop Manly (Feb 2021)

This website really put MyPage CMS through its paces. The client wanted something elegant and impressive, so I used a full-width version of the 'Business' theme and went on a JavaScript animation bender to create an entirely new theme that takes the CMS' theming system to a whole new level. The 'Barber' theme – coming in version 0.8 of the CMS – includes beautiful, timed introductory fade-ins for the header and page content to create a cinematic look, and includes a high-performance header slideshow. I also coded a method of algorithmically tying the scroll position of the window to the alpha level of the header panel and the scale of the background slideshow, meaning that the navigation bar and header section fades out as the window scrolls up, and the background image gets larger. I also developed a workaround for the inability of iOS to display fixed backgrounds by simply creating a full-width and full-height background div below all the other content, something that's interesting on a technical level. When the project is finalized, I will pack the animation code into a separate .js file and will design a whole range of 'Gen 3' themes to go with the CMS. The success of the project demonstrates the versatility of MyPage CMS' theming system. Check it out at:

Lithgow Environment Group Website (Jan 2021)

This website was 100% built in MyPage CMS, with a customized Country theme that will be coming in version 0.8. This was the first live test of MyPage CMS in a deployment environment, and it worked out extremely well. The project was challenging because the site was originally built in Weebly, which is a popular online site builder which generated a whole bunch of garbage code (the necessary result of its incredibly granular customization options). The site's content had to be downloaded and then cleaned up programmatically before being entered into the MyPage editor. Thankfully, I found a few patterns and managed to write a script to clean a lot of it up without having to spend dozens of hours cleaning it up by hand. Check it out at