Features – MyPage CMS
An easy-to-use website editor for your next project


  • Stylish admin area to create and edit low-bandwidth/high-performance websites.

  • Sortable navigation bar.

  • Responsive user-interface that works on any device.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP allowed inside editor.

  • Blog page with optional excerpts.

  • Page and blog post versioning/backup system.

  • Site information panel for clients.

  • Nine fully responsive, professionally designed themes.

  • Password-protected admin panel with reCAPTCHA to prevent brute-force intrusion.

  • Secret questions-based password recovery system.

  • File uploader which automatically generates image embed code and/or file download buttons.

  • Secure PHP contact forms with reCAPTCHA spam-bot protection.

  • Server-side visitor tracking (free Userstack and IPStack keys required) with optional IP blocking.

  • Brute-force login protection via reCAPTCHA.

  • No databases required.

  • Option to hide pages in navigation bar.

  • Code injection option to include code on all pages in website footer.

  • Option to take website offline.

  • Access logs that cannot be erased inside the admin panel.

  • Troubleshooting options and log files.

  • Python image gallery maker available as a separate, standlone download.

  • High-performance, responsive lightbox image galleries for use with the image gallery maker Mac app/Python script, that make extensive use of preloading to give users a fast, seamless photo-browsing experience even while viewing extremely high-res images. Also includes a noscript fallback so that galleries can be viewed even if a user has disabled JavaScript.

  • MyPage image gallery maker app for Mac (available here)!

  • Contact form spam protection, that checks emails against a list of commonly used spam keywords and sends spam mails to spam@www.yourdomain.com instead of mail@www.yourdomain.com, allowing you to set up a spam filter in a program like Gmail.

  • Option to get an email alert with detailed tracking information when someone visits all or specific webpages on your website.

  • Option to block your own visits by setting a cookie that tells the CMS' tracking feature to ignore visits from your browser.

  • Options to export your tracking data (all or individual days) as a beautiful HTML page which can be printed as a PDF.

  • Inbuilt tracker blocks several common crawlers so that they won't pollute your tracking data.